Help with my WEBINARS

  • Your My Webinars Page will give you a list view of all your Webinars.
  • From this page you have the ability to Search for a particular Webinar by entering the name  in the Search Box located above. 
  • From this page you also have the ability to set up a New Webinar, by clicking on the button provided.
  • Your Webinar List page also lets you know how many people have registered for a particular Webinar, who has asked Questions and who has sent Messages.
  • After leaving (or refreshing) the 'thank you' page, you will be taken to the countdown page, which will give you an indication of when the webinar will commence.
  • Once you are registered as an attendee, you will always see the 'thank you page'.
  • If the webinar is not yet live, and the webinar status is still on 'countdown', the attendee will not be directed to the webinar.
  • This List page also gives you important information about what is the status of your Webinar:


  • If the Countdown Timer is activated in the Webinar Settings, you will see a Timer counting down to the starting of your Webinar. This Timer is visible on the Registration Page for customers to see.


  • When the Webinar Status is Live, it means that the Webinar is going to be a Live Webinar, or it may be in progress.
  • If a Webinar has already begun, there will be a button (Join Webinar in Progress) on the 'thank you page' which will redirect you to the Webinar Page.


  • If your webinar has finished or you wish to stop your Webinar.
  • These status headings can be manually adjusted at any stage. 
  • If the webinar is not yet live, and the webinar status is still on 'countdown', the attendee will not be directed to the webinar.


Automated Webinar with a pre-recorded Vimeo video

You can use a pre-recorded Vimeo video and use it as your webinar source. If you have uploaded it to Vimeo, you don't have to worry about bandwidth because Vimeo is hosting the video.

Copy the Vimeo video ID and paste it on the ‘live page’ settings of your webinar. Make sure the webinar type is configured as ‘Vimeo’, and save your settings.

If you are planning to show the pre-recorded Vimeo video, then we would suggest to activate the 'video autoplay' functionality and don't show the controls.

Start your broadcast automatically!

If you are using the pre-recorded Vimeo video for a live webinar, then you will need to set the webinar status to “Live” in WP WebinarSystem manually, so your attendees will be redirected to your Live page (as soon as you are ready) and can see what you are broadcasting.

If you are using the pre-recorded Vimeo video for an automated/recurring webinar then you won't have to do anything. WP WebinarSystem will switch to the right webinar page when it's time to start the webinar.

Broadcasting Live with Youtube Live

Broadcasting Live with Youtube Live is only available in the Pro version of WebinarPress. 

On the ‘live page’ settings within the WP WebinarSystem plugin there is an orange button which says ‘Start a livestream with Youtube Live’. Click on this button to be redirected to the  Youtube Live website, where you can create your broadcasting event (Make sure you are logged in with your Google/Youtube account).

  • Click ‘new live event’,
  • Add the webinar information
  • and make sure to select the ‘custom’ option

If you don’t want your livestream to be publicly broadcasted on Youtube, then select ‘unlisted’, otherwise just leave this option on ‘public’. DON’T use the ‘private’ option, because only you as a logged in user will have access to the output of the broadcast. Your viewers won’t see it in this case. Save the changes with the blue button on the bottom of the page.

When you are done with the basic info, go to the ‘advanced settings’ tab to check some settings.
Make sure the ‘ allow embedding‘ option is selected, so you can play the stream within your WP WebinarSystem webinar page.

Copy the link of your Youtube Live and paste this on the ‘live page’ settings of your webinar. Make sure the webinar type is configured as ‘Youtube Live’, and save your settings.

Start your broadcast!

If you have placed the URL of your Youtube Live stream in WP WebinarSystem, you can go live.
– Start your broadcast from your computer with your encoding software (don’t forget to record the stream to your computer if you want this. Depending on the software you are using, it can be done automatically or you will have to configure this manually)
– As soon as you are ready, you also need to set the webinar status to “Live” in WP WebinarSystem, so your attendees will be redirected to your Live page automatically and can see what you are broadcasting.

During the webinar: Raising Hands

During the webinar, you can give your attendees the possibility of raising their hand. The raise hand icon is an indicator that someone raised their hand and responded to your question for example. There are lots of different ways to use this feature. For example, you want to know if your audience can hear you loud and clear. 'Please raise your hand if you can hear me'.

If the 'action box' is activated/shown on the live page, then attendees can see the 'raise hand' icon. If they click on it, the icon in your control bar will turn red.

This is the indicator that someone raised their hand. If you hover over the attendee counter, the attendee list will open. You can see who is online, and which person raised their hand.

If you want to lower the raised hand(s), then click on the hand icon in your control bar. The red color will disappear and all the hands are lowered again.

Webinar Title:

  • This is where you type in the name of your webinar. Try to keep it brief and precise.

Webinar Description:

  • Your complete webinar description goes in the Description field.
  • Here you highlight why the webinar should be taken and who is the appropriate audience for the webinar.


  • Select your host/s who will conduct your webinar.

Live Webinar:

  • You will be live for the webinar event and effectively talking directly to your audience.
  • Fully manual, you decide exactly when the webinar starts and finishes.

Pre Recorded Webinar:

  • Prerecord your webinar and screen it at a particular date and time.
  • If you are going to show a pre-recorded webinar then you need to record one that you are happy with and make a note where you have it on your drive,  or the URL destination you have saved it to e.g. Youtube or Vimeo account.

Right Now:

  • This is just what it says, The webinar will start as soon as you have it set up, it is instant.
  • Add the date and time of the webinar.

Duration of the Webinar:

    • After that enter the Duration of the Webinar. You should know this from the Video you have made.

Webinar Source:

  • This section lets you add the Source Of The Webinar Video which typically appears once a customer has registered for the Webinar.
  • You can select from a number of different sources: YouTube, Vimeo, Wistand, mp4 video, RTMP & HLS I Frame, Embedded HTML.
  • Simply add the URL Attached to the source 

Time Zone:

  • Refers to the Time Zone that the Webinar will be presented in, its usual to leave this as default as that takes the time of your computer/server.

Charge For Webinar:

  • If you intend to charge for people to attend a webinar simply slide the 'Paid Webinar' toggle to green, followed by a price for your webinar. 
  • When customers register for the Webinar they will be required to pay the amount you have set up. 
  • Your payment gateway will be set up with Bookstream prior to commencing your site being used.

This page is better viewed on a desktop device.

Webinars have many design and control options that aren't really suited for setting up on small devices.
We recommend setting up webinars on an iPad, laptop or desktop computer.

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