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Webinar Attendees – Bookstream Admin





  • Allows you to view who is attending your webinar.
  • Above you will see a Search Box. Here you can select a particular Webinar Name and view the Registered Attendees.
  • If you wish to remove a particular Attendee, click on the tick box to the left of the Attendee Name, followed by the Remove Selected button.
  • You can Add Attendees one by one using the New Attendee button below. Enter their Name and Email Address or you can import a CSV File by clicking the Import CSV button. 
  • If you wish to send the Added Attendees a Confirmation Email, then you will need to select the tick box marked Send Confirmation Email To The Attendee
  • Your Attendees won’t be able to see the Attendee List or the control bar. Only you as a Webinar Host will be able to see and control this.
  • After the webinar, it’s possible to see which of your Attendees actually attended the webinar and who did not. This is referenced by the information located under the sub headings (Registered At, Attended, Time Attended). 
  • As the administrator, you also have the ability to export the details of those Attendees who have registered for your Webinar. By selecting the BCC button, you will simply export an Email Address. By selecting the CSV Button you will export a more detailed excel document of your Attendee  e.g. Name, Email, Date Registered, Date Attended, Time they spent on the Webinar.

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