Help with PAYOUTS

  • Provides an overview of all Payouts made to your Affiliates.
  • Payouts are set up manually or automatically through Paypal by your business admin.
  •  The Payout List displays all the fields that were entered when  Adding a New Payout. Example:
  • Payout ID (Email),
  • Amount ($)
  • Affiliate (Name)
  • Referral Names The user that generated the payout
  • Payment Method (Manual Bank Wire Transfer or Paypal)
  • Status (Paid, Unpaid, Rejected, Pending)
  • Date
  • Action

Affiliate Name: 

  • To pay a specific Affiliate, enter the affiliate’s login name, first name, or last name. Leave blank to pay all affiliates.

Start Date and End Date:

  • Assign the Referral Pay Out from a particular Start Date to a particular End Date

Minimum Earnings:

  • If you want to set a Minimum Earnings for each affiliate before their payment is processed.

Payout Method:

  • Choose your Payout Method to Manual Payout or PayPal. This will take you to the Preview Payout Request screen which will allow you to click the Generate CSV File button to generate a CSV File of affiliates and their collective totals (e.g. spreadsheet of affiliates and their payouts required)
  • The CSV File generated will consist of the Email Addresses, the Collective Amounts, and the Currency for all affiliates that have Unpaid earnings for the date range specified.

CSV File Mass Payment:

  • This file has been specifically formatted for the Mass Payment option provided by PayPal. If you are using a Mass Payment system, the Email Address associated with an affiliate's payment account can be set from their Edit screen.
  • When you upload this CSV File, Paypal Payment Service will take the Amounts and Email Addresses stored in the file and create a Mass Payment.

Paypal Individual Payment:

  • You can also pay each affiliate individually through PayPal if you wish. 

Manual Bank Account Payment:

  • If you wish to pay your affiliates directly into their Bank Account via Bank Transfer, this will need to be done manually by you through your bank (this process doesn't take place through the software).
  • You simply need to communicate to your affiliates that they will be paid via bank transfer, and they will need to provide you with their bank account details so you can transfer money to their account.
  • If your bank supports Mass Payments, you can export the CSV Payout file (as mentioned above) and upload it to your bank's online banking portal.
  • Exporting this file will automatically set all Unpaid referrals to a Paid status.
  • If your bank doesn't support mass payments, you can make individual payments to your affiliates through your bank. You could set each affiliate up as a saved payee to help streamline this process for when you need to pay your affiliates. 
Adjusting Affiliates Paid Status:
  • When you have made these payments to your affiliates, you can then manually set the referrals which have been paid to a Paid status on the  Affiliates → Referrals page. 
  • Payouts are generated when any of the following actions occur:
    1. Marking referrals as Paid with bulk actions (which will generate a payout for each affiliate individually).
    2. Marking a single referral as Paid using the Mark as Paid link in the Actions column on the Affiliates → Referrals screen.

Data for payouts is available in the Payouts tab, and includes the following information:

    • Earnings generated
    • Earnings paid (all-time)
    • Earnings paid (by selected date range)
    • Total earnings generated (by selected date range)
    • Average payout amount
    • Total payouts count
    • Average number of referrals per payout
    • Like the other Reports tabs, payout data meta boxes are customizable, and a visual Trends graph is also included.

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