Help with SERVICES

Service Photo:

  • Click on the Photo Placeholder, upload an Image and this will appear in your back-end administration and on the front-end of your website for that service.

Service Colour:

  • Click on the Blue Circle and you will see the colour options which you can set for each of your services.
  • This Colour will be used for differentiating services on the Calendar in your back-end administration.


  • Here you need to write the Service Name, which is required.


  • Here you need to select the Category that this service belongs to.


  • Here you need to choose the Service Duration.
  • Time slots you see in the Duration option are based on the setting defined in the Default Time Slot Stepin your General Settings.


  • Here you need to enter the Service Price.
  • The format of the price will follow the setting from the Payments Settings

Buffer Time Before and Buffer Time After:

  • These options give you the possibility to set an amount of Time Before and amount of Time After your appointment.
  • Buffer Time Before can be interpreted as the time your Employee needs to prepare for their next time slot.
  • Buffer Time After is the time after the appointment that your employee needs to rest, clean up, or do something else before being able to accept the next appointment. Particularly useful for Golf Teaching Professionals that need to set up particular equipment for the next lesson.

Minimum Capacity and Maximum Capacity:

  • Here you can enter the Minimum and the Maximum number of persons per single service booking. For example, Golf Courses would select 4 persons per tee time. For Golf Coaching Professionals, the minimum and maximum might be one (1) only for a single lesson, whereas a group lesson may have a higher minimum and maximum quantity. 

Show Bringing anyone with you option:

  • Here you can choose whether you want to show or hide the Bringing Anyone With You option. If you hide this option from the Booking Form you will only allow Individuals to book a spot.

Multiple price by the number of people:

  • Here you can choose whether your Service Price will multiply by the number of people selected in each booking.
  • By default, the option is enabled which means that the Price multiplies by the number of people added.

Show service on site:

  • Here you can choose whether the Service that you create will be shown on the front end of your website or not.
  • By default, this option is enabled so Services will be shown on the booking form on your front-end website.
  • If you just want to have your Service available for administration to book on the back end only, then disable the toggle. 


  • For Golf Coaching you can select the Employee that will be assigned to the Service being provided. For e.g. 1 hour golf lesson.
  • For Golf Courses you can select the 1st or 10th tee from which you will provide the tee times for this particular service. 


  • Here you can add a Description that will appear within Categories.
  • This Description is only visible on the Golf Coaching pages.

  • In this tab, you can add Images to your Service.
  • These Images are only available under Golf Coaching, located on the front - end of your website.
  •  By clicking on the Add Image button, you can upload images from your device or choose them from your Media Library.
  • By dragging them, you can adjust their order in which they will be shown on the front - end of your website.
  • If you hover over the Image you will see a trash can and a single click will allow you to delete it if need be.

Extras allow you to add additional sale-able products to your service. 

These Extras can be added by customers when they are scheduling a booking e.g. Tee Time or Golf Lesson.



  • This is the place where you will enter a name for the extra


  • If you want to define additional services/products and give them a Duration, this is where you do it. Duration is not mandatory because there can be extras that your customers can buy without affecting the booking duration (e.g. special equipment).
  • Please note - If your Extra (service/ product) has a duration, you should know that currently extra time will not be multiplied by the number of persons in the booking or extras quantity, so you will see time for just one extra.


  • This is where you set a Price for your Extra.

Maximum Quantity:

  • Here you can set the maximum number Of Extras that one customer can add in the booking process. For example, if you set the number to one (1), a customer will only be able to add one (1) Extra to the Service. If you set more, your customers will be able to add a larger quantity.
  • Multiply The Price By The Number Of People – Like the Services set up, the Extras also have the option to choose whether the price will be multiplied by the number of people in the booking. If you disable this option the price for an Extra will be the same no matter what is the number of people added in the Bringing Anyone With You option. On the other hand if you enable this option the price will be multiplied by the number of people added.


  • The same as when you set up your Service, this is where you add a Description about this Extra that will appear on your Front End Website. This is only available under Golf Coaching.

  • Some of the General Settings that are applied to all services, can also be set for each individual service separately.
  • You can now set these options to be different per service: Default Status can automatically approve a booking or not, set the Minimum Time Required Before Booking that a customer cannot book, set the Minimum Time Required Before Cancelling/Rescheduling, Period Available For Booking In Advance and there is also the option of Redirecting To Another URL following the booking.
  • You will find these options when you Create or Edit a service under the Settings tab. By default, these settings will have the same values as in General Settings.
  • You can also set different Payment Methods for each service. If, for example, you have one service for which you want your customers to pay on-site and another one that requires payment during the booking process (Credit Card, Paypal, Stripe), you can set this accordingly.

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