• Provides an overview of those who have booked into your Events/Classes.
  • Tracks all your Events/Classes, whether they are Open for booking, Canceled or Closed.
  • Provides an option to Search by Filtering your classes by Date, Range Of Dates and by Event/Class Name.
  • Filter your search by Month (located just above the list).
  • View the Date and Time of each class, the Event/Class Name, number of Booked versus number of Spots Available,  when Booking opens and closes, and the current Event/Class Status.
  • The Event/Class List works in a way that if you create an Event/Class that lasts multiple days, the same class will be shown for each date.
  • Beside the Event/Class Status there is two options: Attendees and Edit. Clicking on the Edit button will open the Edit Class dialog where you can change any Event/Class parameters.
  • If the Event/Class is Recurring, once you click Save, you will be asked whether you want to Save those changes just for the Current Event/Class or for all Future Events/Classes that are recurring. 
  • As for the Attendees option, here you will see the list of attendees that have Booked the Event/Class. Within each list you can change the Status for each attendee and Delete an attendee.
  • By clicking on the arrow you can also see the Payment Method.


Event/Class Title: 

  • This is where you type in the Name of your Event/Class.
  • Try to keep it brief and precise.
  • Enter your Event/Class Title in the field provided e.g. Beginners Class

Dates & Time: 

  • Options that you will use to set the schedule of your Event/Class.
  • If you have an Event/Class that lasts just one day, for e.g. On the 15th June at 10.00am for 1 hour. You would set the following:  June 15, 2020 - June – 15th 2020, Time from 10.00 to 11.00 
  • However, if your Event/Class lasts several days you will have two options: (1) if the Event/Class starts and ends each day at the same time, you will create the date range for e.g. 3 days (June 15, 2020 - June 17, 2020) in the Dates option and set the Time for each one of the dates, (2) if your class has different Start and End times on different days, you will use Add Date option to set the specific time for each date.


  • The Recurring Event/Class option is used when you want to create  a Event/Class that repeats Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
  • Once you check your Event/Class as Recurring, you will see two (2) new options: Repeat Event/Class and Until When.
  • For e.g. If your class is held on a Monday each week at 7.00am - 8.00am, then you would enter the Start and End date of the class on the same day for e.g. June 15, 2020 - June 15, 2020. You would then select the time for e.g. 7.00 - 8.00, check the Recurring Event/Class box, Repeat your class Weekly and set up the Until When date that you want the class to stop recurring.
  • For those Weekly, Monthly or Yearly classes that will never change Date or Time and you want them to continue indefinitely, simply choose an End Date well in the future.
  • If the End Date of your Event/Class does happen to arrive and you want to extend, then you have the ability to Edit this particular class in your My Event/Classes > Edit Event/Class.
  • Note - Customers will not have the ability to book in every Recurred Event/Class at once. Customers can choose one Event/Class to book and pay for.

Booking Opens Immediately & Closes When Class Starts:

  • You will need to decide whether to allow bookings from the moment you create the Event/Class and close when Event/Class commences, or set specific dates for one or both options.
  • By default, these options are checked, but if you uncheck them you will see two new options to define the dates and times when the booking starts or/and closes.


  • Here you can set the price for an individual Event/Class.
  • If your Event/Class is recurring, then the price that you set here will be the same price for each of the Event/Classes that are recurring.
  • Your Event/Class price will not be an overall cumulative price of all the recurred classes as a whole. 
  • The only time it can be a cumulative price is if a particular Event/Class runs over consecutive days.

Maximum Allowed Spots:

  • Here you can set the maximum capacity for your Event/Class.
  • Once your Event/Class gets full it will change the status to Closed and your customers will not be able to book.
  • Within each Event/Class your customers will be able to view the maximum number of places available, as well as the number of places already booked.


  • Here you can type in the Location of your Event/Class. It is optional and if not a necessity to complete in New Event/Class Set Up.
  • This will be shown on the front-end of your website to your customers. 
  • Zoom User - This option is here if you are setting up a Zoom Class. If not then there is no need to assign anyone as this option is not mandatory.

Zoom User:

  • Located in your Classes Admin Menu, Zoom Settings allows you to set up your Client Key and Client Secret integration. 
  • This is a very useful resource if you want to start hosting Zoom Classes from within your website. 
  • By setting up your Zoom Classes within your Classes Administration Area, will alleviate the need for you to have to email your customers and provide them with a Meeting ID and Password.
  • Your members and customers, can access your Zoom Event by logging in to your site with their Username and Password.
  • There is also the added benefit of being able to apply a fee to access your Zoom Event.

Featured Class:

  • Here you can define your event as Featured and it will be displayed on the front - end of your site in the allocated Featured Area.
  •  You also can leave your class not Featured and it will display on the Classes Page, underneath the Featured Area
  • Great tool if you really want a particular class to stand out from the rest.


Here you can write your Class Description. This description will be shown on the front-end of your website so you can basically write everything about your Class for e.g. details, schedule, notes etc.



Class Gallery: 

  •  Add Images to your New Event/Class. These images will show up on the front end of your website, when a customer selects a particular Event/Class. 
  • Upload Images from your device or choose them from your Media Library
  • By dragging your Images, you can adjust the order in which they will be shown on the front end page of your website. 
  • If you hover over the Image you may notice a Trash Can. If you wish to Delete your image, simply click on this.

Class Colors:

  •  You have a list of pre set Colors to choose from. These will be the theme Colors of your Event/Class bookings on the front end of your website. 
  • If you wish to include your own Color, enter a Hex Custom Colour of your choice.

Minimum time Required Before Canceling / Rescheduling:

  • Set the Time prior to a booking when customers will not be able to cancel / reschedule their booking.

Redirect URL After Booking:

  •  Customer will be redirected to this URL after booking.

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